Dreaming is closely related to desire. In fact, sometimes our biggest dreams reveal our greatest desires and our strangest dreams provide the rawest perspective of our most genuine self. I’ve been dreaming a lot lately—dreaming about friends, life, and all sorts of odd situations, and they all boil down to this: they all betray my desires. What do I desire? I desire to overcome, I desire to break new ground and break through generational strongholds in my family, I desire to love others as God loves me.

It’s not always easy to understand what your desires are, and sometimes, that’s reflected in your dreams too by difficult to understand or difficult to attain dreams. Whether your dreams are the wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night kind or pure goals and earnest aspirations, dreams are crucial to our lives. They encourage us and motivate us to keep asking questions about life and what to do with the limited time we have here on earth.

So, what are you dreaming about? Are you dreaming at all? Pray for dreams, pray for desires, pray to encounter God.