green light
I may or may not have snapped this picture while I was driving... but keep that ish on the DL! 🙂

You’re driving down the road and in the distance, you see a signal that has just turned green. As you get closer to the signal, you realize that it has been green for quite a while now and you think to yourself that it will probably change soon. Much to your surprise, the signal stays green and you pass through without even taking your foot off the gas! Ever had a moment like that? I just did recently and I was pleasantly surprised. I even felt a little honored. I might have said “thank you” to the signal. Then this thought hit me: “It’s like Jesus and I are going the same place, and He held the door open for me! Thanks, Jesus!”

You know, He’s held a lot of doors open for me. He’s given me a wonderful, safe home to stay in over the summer after I move out (thank you so much Darren and Darlene!), and He’s given me a car to use when my mom leaves town. He’s given me a journal to record all of my thankful thoughts in, and He’s given me His friendship such that I can come utterly undone when I’m overwhelmed and He listens to and encourages me. Thanks, Jesus!

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