Fresh Encounter

Today, God broke through all of the noise in my life. I really needed to hear from Him today and He led me and guided me to the right place and the right circumstance so that He could just shower His love on me. I’m really in awe of Him. I really love Him. Here’s a new poem for you that I pray encourages you to hold fast to God’s promises.

Fresh Encounter

Now, I feel a gentle breeze,
Subtle, first, but no less real,
Now it comes, oh satisfying
Peace of mind! Don’t leave me.

Now, I feel a rushing wind,
Holy Spirit, come upon me
To the full and overflow!
Overflow me with hope.

Now, I feel a slight concern,
Feelings fresh now slowly fading,
With this promise, though, they leave:
“I am with you always.”

Now, of this promise I am sure,
And though my eyes of sight obscure
The promise that my faith assures,
My hope will endure.

© 2011 David Andrew

2 Replies to “Fresh Encounter”

  1. I like your poem. It is so very true. I love the last stanza. I pray a lot that God’s presance won’t leave me. Keep writing about God. I’d love to read more.

    1. Thanks Crystal! I’m right there with you; the main theme of my prayers for the last several years has been for God to just be near. I can’t imagine trying to go through life without His help.

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