One of my passions.

Today, I reflect on passions. You know, the things in us that spark desire, the fuel of life. There is a misconception in many people’s minds that passion is a non-essential. At the same time, there are many people who have stated much more eloquently than I am capable of that passion is completely essential to whatever you do. What is not clearly explained, however, is that passion does not look the same for everyone.

The minute you begin to speak about passion, everyone instinctively thinks about their own, never pausing to consider that the very things for which they carry vague indifference could be another’s passion. This is one of the hardest things for me—talking to people who are indifferent to my passions. This is one of most serious passion-killers. If no one gives the slightest concern for the things which you are passionate about, would you continue? In one sense, continuing in spite of indifference is a proof of true passion. Make no mistake though, a passionate person, as such, is probably also a lonely person.

The real challenge in life, I believe, is that once you have found your passion, deciding to carry it and guard it against a world of indifference; for you will find that enemies and friends alike will fuel it, but indifference will cause it to waste away because, after all, who wants to be lonely?

Belief correction: passion is not a lifestyle of loneliness, but a lifestyle of difference. It is a privilege to be different. It is a privilege to carry a unique passion. The problem does not lie with you or your passion. The problem lies with the people who remain indifferent. They need to wake up. They need to learn to appreciate others’ passions and spur them on. The reason that they are asleep is probably because their own passions died to indifference, and what they need is someone who will choose to live out his/her passion so that it’s flame might soften their hardened hearts.

With that said, allow me to share with you one of my passions: this song, an adaptation of Isaiah 6, which is free for you to download. 🙂
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