Whenever I Speak

Whenever I speak out of frustration:

  • I end up partnering with someone else’s demonic opposition
  • I fail to partner with God’s answer of provision for the person or issue I’m speaking about
  • I act as though I believe the person I am speaking against does not hear from God
  • I neglect my ability to contribute personal meaning to the conversation through the lessons and growth that I am learning and experiencing
  • I stunt the personal growth I could have through the tension of honoring a perspective that is “other” than me
  • I miss out on an opportunity to seek understanding before being understood
  • I pave the way for offense in the relationship
  • I choose pride in my opinion against someone else’s
  • I make the path of humility to feel far more costly
  • I succumb to every form of negativity
  • I rob myself of enjoying the company of another human being
  • I idolize being right over being connected
  • I forget that my identity isn’t found in my beliefs
  • I fear that the person or idea I’m frustrated with will harm me if left unconfronted
  • I sabotage my ability to shape or influence the person or idea I’m frustrated with

Whenever I speak from a place of revelation (understanding of who I am and what I’m experiencing):

  • I bless those who hear
  • I encourage those who need hope
  • I honor others’ ability to contribute shared meaning
  • I become a safe person to confide in
  • I attract more goodness from my Father in heaven
  • I enjoy being present in the moment
  • I delight simply in sharing and don’t fear being rejected
  • I gain clearer vision for my dreams and goals
  • I feel grateful
  • I see the good in other people and situations
  • I have more grace for the things people say that I think are wrong
  • I spur dialogue which leads to a synthesis of new ideas
  • I maximize my potential in my current season of life
  • I free myself from old perceptions and stereotypes
  • I create forward momentum for more growth

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