Spring Break

Yes, this is a blog post about spring break. Honestly, I wasn’t going to write about anything I’ve been doing, but then I saw all of my blogging friends posting about their breaks and I got a little jealous. (Silly, right? I thought so too.) Nevertheless, here I am. (Ta-da!)

Usually, when I post something here, it’s about something that I’ve been thinking about or wrestling with and pertains to mental/emotional/spiritual growth. Today, I just need to write so bear with me and I’m sure something profound will come up. (No seriously, it just might happen.)

So far, my spring break has consisted of two things: reading and practicing. Yes.


Ah! Here’s the profound truth. Neither of these things are what I naturally want to do. I find them both rather tedious actually—at least in my current context. However, I’m reminded of a lesson that I learned a while ago about being faithful in the little things. As a writer/thinker, it’s needful for me to be filled and inspired by other writers/thinkers. As a musician, it’s very much needful for me to practice and rehearse scales, techniques, and compositions.

I’m sure many of you have heard the idea that if you are faithful in the little things that you will be entrusted with big things later. I heard it as a child and it sounds kind of silly stated in the abstract, but it’s so true. You have to keep the end result in mind. What do you want to do? Where do you want to eventually be? How are you working toward those goals?

A goal doesn’t have to be some hugely specific entity. It can be general—that’s ok. As you progress toward it, it will become more specific and refined. This is the process of life and it’s ok: take your time.

I’m not where I want to be. I know I want to be someone who is so filled with wisdom and encouragement that it naturally flows out of me to others in speaking, blogging, and poetry. I know I want to be a musician who exposes people to grace and the eternal qualities of God through high-quality musicianship. Both of these things mean that I will have to spend loads of time investing into activities that will equip me to live this way.

As a junior, soon to be senior, in university, I easily lose sight of these goals as I go about the daily grind. Spring break has been a chance to step back and refocus, reenergize, and rededicate myself to the dreams I’ve entertained for so long. I’ve found that my passion is not dead, my God is still faithful, and life is not my enemy.


Transition: that’s what my life has been about it seems. From as early as I can remember, I have always had changes in my life. Sometimes they were small things like the variety of food on the dinner table. Other times, it was big things like parents divorcing or moving out from under my parents’ roof. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to paint a bleak picture at all; I just am keenly aware of the rhythm of change in my life. It’s funny: when I feel like there isn’t anything changing, I feel stuck, stagnant, and purposeless. I wonder if I’m simply made for change? Change and transition is what first inspired me to write poetry (take a look at my works page) and I believe it is still what I write primarily about.

These flowers will soon die, but they will come back. It's all apart of the rhythm of change.

I’m currently going through a BIG change. I have moved out from under my parents’ roof and am learning and experiencing life in an entirely new way. As I continue to unpack and adjust to my new living environment, God has been faithful to provide for my financial needs and has been teaching me just how sweet it really is to trust Him. In the words of a favorite hymn of mine, “‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus / just to take Him at His Word / just to rest upon His promise / just to know thus saith the LORD.”

God is breaking down walls of fear and pride that I have built within myself. They are nothing more than idols which I have willingly bowed down too, blinding my eyes to the reality of who God is and just how big His plans for my life are. Yes, the winds of change are blowing. Transition is sweeping through my life like a breath of fresh air, like the pound of the ocean surf, like orbit of the earth around the sun.

A park nearby my new home. These trees bear witness to a world of change.