Identity: Revisited

Streets of asphalt... streets of gold.

I was reading through some of my journal entries from a year ago, and I swear I don’t believe I actually wrote them. The maturity I expressed in my writings a year ago far outshines the musings of my heart now (or so I feel). Literally, I am in awe of who I’ve been. I remember every situation, I remember all the pain. Yet somehow through it all, the yearning of my heart remains the same: the abundant life.

The first words that come to mind looking at this are "foundation" and "time."

I am a citizen of heaven. I was made to walk on streets of gold. In the meantime, I will treat this asphalt as though it were gold. Let the eyes of my heart awake to wonder. I may not live in heaven right now, but I will very soon—why not act like I already do since that’s who I am?

Ah, yes, here is the tension I’ve been feeling. It masquerades as boredom. It veils the face of my Beloved. It traps my mind so that I cannot remember how a citizen of the kingdom thinks. Is it any surprise then that I’ve been asking myself who I am today? Looking back through pictures of myself from the last two years, I could not find any that reflected who I am now. I kept questioning and looking and nothing seemed to fit. So, I took some new pictures. Slowly now I remember who I am. I’ve been fighting for two years to not lose myself, and I almost lost. Abba, sustain me!

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done


Oh boy. This week has been the best week of summer so far. Encouraging text messages, singing the Scriptures, convicting sermons… it’s like God’s trying to tell me that He loves me or something. =D

Allow for me to share with you one of the convicting ideas floating through my mind this week: Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. In his message series entitled “The Supernatural Power of a Renewed Mind,” Bill Johnson explains that when Jesus told his disciples to pray this phrase, He was basically saying that God has dominion over all things because He made them, and whatever goes on in heaven should go on in earth because He has the dominion, and whatever is not allowed in heaven should not be allowed in earth because He has the dominion. You see, this prayer is really an invitation for God to break into our reality with the power of His kingdom. Can I get an amen?

Okay, so another thing: do you want to understand any trying circumstances in your life? Whatever situations may be in your life, try to see them from God’s perspective. Literally ask God to give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation and ask Him to show you how He sees your life! He gives graciously and abundantly to those who hunger for it. Let the deep in your spirit cry out to the deep in God’s spirit. He is moved by our cries.

God has been showing me that He cares for me this week, and He wants me to continue to seek Him in and honor Him through music. He is pleased that I am using the knowledge He has given me to bring Him praise and He will be faithful to reveal to me the full extent of all that He has for me to know in order to love Him more and more. He wants to do that for you too. He wants to reveal to you the full extent of all that He has for you to know in order for you to love Him more and more. Are you hungry? Can I get an amen? Oh Jesus, thank You!

This is where I come to sing God's Word.