Something about a ray of light speaks to me of hope being fulfilled.

I struggled greatly trying to title this post. I came across this shot completely accidentally. I was attempting to take a picture of the wire mesh at an askew angle for fun when I noticed the gleam of light from the sun’s last rays. It’s like a light that strikes your peripheral vision. Have you ever had that happen to you and had it catch you unawares? Something about the idea of a sudden, unexpected ray of light speaks to me of the way God works, the way He fulfills hope that is placed in Him. Situations may seem to be against hope ever being fulfilled, but we serve YHWH, the God who created out of nothing. He takes even what is seemingly set up against His purposes and re-structures it to proclaim His glory. Like an unexpected ray of light, He transforms the ordinary into something eternally extraordinary. He satisfies all desire, He fulfills all longing, and He gladdens the heart with His presence. He is a God Who meets hope. Place your hope in God—it will be fully met because of Who He is.