2019 DIY Conference

Just came back from the 2019 DIY Musician Conference put on by CD Baby this year… all I can say is wow! There were so many amazing speakers, breakouts, and musicians!

As an independent musician, I can’t recommend this conference enough—there is not much else out there geared toward gathering and empowering independent musicians. And there is legitimate value in this event.

As the event progressed, I found myself becoming more interested in the quality of people I was meeting. The DIY conference is literally a goldmine of talent and everybody there has a unique and inspiring story. And everyone has music online… which is practically begging for someone to make a playlist… which I did! You bet I’m gonna include it at the end of this post. There’s a pretty wide variety here which is amazing!

Community is everything for musicians, yet it seems to be a big challenge for nearly all of us. There is a kind of internal pressure to promote yourself and make opportunities happen, but there’s a beautiful unforced momentum that develops from championing others first. If you happen to have been at the DIY conference and also met some amazing musicians that need to be heard, this is a collaborative playlist so add them in! Or make your own playlist with them in it! Why not help each other create streaming momentum? Our art can only get better with more support to back it.